Unox XEVC-0511-EPR Combi Oven

Unox XEVC-0511-EPR Combi Oven

Model Number: XEVC-0511-EPR

Technologically advanced combi oven for gastronomy cooking processes (dehydrating, steaming, low temperature cooking, sous vide cooking, roasting, grilling, pan frying, regeneration and plated regeneration) and for fresh or frozen baking process thanks to CLIMALUX™ technology that combines the production of high quality steam, STEAM.Maxi™ with the controlled forced extraction of humidity DRY.Maxi. Automatic management of cooking processes (CHEFUNOX) assisted by UNOX Intelligent Performance artificial intelligence which guarantees perfect results and repeatability for any load size.


  • CLIMALUX: Precise humidity control.
  • SMART.Preheating: Automatic and intelligent cooking chamber preheating.
  • ADAPTIVE.Cooking: Automatic adjustment of time, temperature and clima condition for a perfect result for any quantity of food.
  • AUTO.Soft: Smooth temperature rising management for delicate product.
  • SENSE.Klean: Automatic and intelligent washing system based on actual oven usage.

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