Commercial Fridges Extensive range of commercial fridges

Our extensive range of commercial fridges are economical, reliable, and affordable, providing your business with appropriate solutions for both short and long-term food storage and presentation.

High quality commercial refrigeration options for Darwin hospitality

Our experienced sales team know Darwin and will be able to provide you with high quality options, designed specifically for use in hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

Our selection of commercial fridges includes upright cabinets, display fridges, preparation fridges, as well as under counter fridges. All products providing everything you need with regards to quality and capacity, from leading brands such as Williams, Bromic and FED.

Fridge service and repair

Our professional friendly team of technicians has experience working on a wide range of commercial refrigeration equipment, which means they know the importance of identifying faults quickly and providing a solution to rectify it before it causes significant loss to you and your business.

Upright Fridges

Commercial refrigerators come in so many different styles, sizes and finishes, but one of the most popular types we see in the hospitality industry are the upright fridges. These units may be utilized for display or storage purposes, have options for LED light boxes to use for your branding, internal lighting and adjustable shelving to maximise usability.

Preparation Fridges

Food preparation and storage is key to providing exception food for your customers. With the Kitchen always being a busy area of any establishment, it is important to have a food preparation fridge that is designed to make the kitchen run more efficiently. These units generally include an additional storage compartment under the counter and are also available in counter top varieties

Under Counter Fridges

Under counter fridges provide an excellent solution for business who would like to display their refrigerated products without compromising on bench space. These compact units come in a range of styles, sizes and finishes and are a preferred option for use for bar areas. When product display isn't important the option of solid doors on these units means they can also be utilised in a commercial Kitchen or for storage of refrigerated items.

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