Norris AP2500 Commercial Upright Dishwasher

Norris AP2500 Commercial Upright Dishwasher

Model Number: AP2500

The AP2500 is a high-performance ergonomic pass through dishwasher. The upright dishwasher will move even the hardest baked on food residue, reducing the need for double washing.

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Having the right tools is critical to any business and when it comes to commercial kitchen equipment, having the right dishwasher is vital. At Norris, we understand the obstacles that you have to overcome and the competitive edge needed to be successful in the hospitality industry. To this end, we are aware of the needs of thriving restaurateurs, busy cafe or bar owners and the importance of keeping up with demands during peak times.

The AP2500 is a powerful dishwasher which goes one step further than the AP750, capable of handling large volumes of dirty dishes, with even more cleaning power due to its robust 1600w German water pump. This heavy duty washer requires only a three-phase power outlet and cold water connection enabling easy integration of this machine into the majority of kitchens with limited space without the need for electrical upgrades or plumbing services.

Norris has become renown throughout the hospitality industry as a leading manufacturer and provider of commercial grade dishwashers, pot and glass washers due to its excellent reliability and robustness and the AP2500 is no exception.

Featuring a handmade, stainless steel cabinet, heating boiler, steel wash and rinse arms as well as stainless steel filters and scrap trays further aids in combating against accidental knocks or rough handling within the kitchen. The ruggedness of the Norris AP2500 carries over to its electrical system featuring reliable German electrical contactors, European heating elements which are resistant to corrosion and cracks for longer element life.

Inside the AP2500 you will note its sizeable useable wash height of 470mm, automatic detergent and rinse aid injection and thermostatic controlled rinse temperature ensures that all your dishes meet sanitation compliance standards.

The Norris AP2500 upright dishwasher fits a lot of functionality and usability into a relatively small footprint with it’s cleaning capacity of up to 1080 plates per hour with 60/90/120 secs cleaning cycle options.

When it comes to product guarantee, Norris leads the way its five-year control board, two-year parts and labour warranty, and as your dishwasher is made right here in Australia, you have the insurance of quality after sales service, and warranty backing should anything go wrong with your purchase.

If you are ready to alleviate your kitchen woes and get your washing backlog under control, then why not give one of our sales representatives a call and we’ll happily guide you on the path to purchasing the right dishwasher for your business.

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  • Norris AWC Controller
  • 5-Year Warranty on AWC Controller
  • 2-Year parts & labour Warranty
  • 60/90/120/Manual/Descale Cycles
  • Drain pump standard
  • Up to 1080 plates per hour*
  • Useable wash height of 470mm
  • Hood safety cut out switch
  • Recirculating wash system
  • Optional steam condenser


Loads/Hour 45*
Wash Pump 1600W
Rinse Pump Mains pressure
Detergent Yes
Rinse Aid Yes
Time Cycle 60 / 90 /120 / Manual / Descale
Drain Drain pump
Water per rack 2.5L
Usable Height 470mm
Electrical Supply 240/415V 3 phase 50Hz 20amps per phase
Size W640 X D635 X H1514

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